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Satellite receiver for your TV

High-quality receivers and matching accessories at good prices

With the right  Receiver from VU+, watching television becomes an experience. Razor-sharp images invite you into the fascinating world of film, inspire you to watch exciting series and relax with a comfortable evening of TV in the best quality. At VU+ you will find the right satellite receiver.

What is a receiver?

The word receiver is an English term and translated into German means receiver. This describes the task of the device: a receiver receives satellite signals for television and radio and processes the image and sound in such a way that they can be played back on the home TV set. Depending on the model, a receiver can have different interfaces that make it compatible with different devices.

How can I connect my receiver to the TV?

As a rule, the various interfaces of a receiver are used to connect the receiver to a television set with a cable. You can usually find more detailed information on the individual requirements of your receiver or television set in the manufacturer's operating instructions.

All VU+ receivers are supplied with a detailed and understandable operating manual, which explains and describes our devices to our customers. If you have any questions about the VU+ receiver, our support is always there for you.

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